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Every day several patients speak with Dr Jyoti Singh and her team to understand the root cause of their problems and get their personalized treatment at the comfort of their homes.Here are the reasons behind the trust of our patients across the world.

24/7 audio video consultations
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40,000+ users consulted
50 K hours of consultation
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How audio/video consultation works

It’s a 3 step easy system and hassle free

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Consultation charges for a session of 30 mins is Rs 500.This first session of consultation will be based on the reports and information shared by you of your existing ailments. For consultation BOOK NOW

Your doctor will conduct a thorough examination on the Ayurved Parikshan Paricharya with the help of darshan(Observation) and Prashan( questions).Based on these examinations your doctor will customize your treatment plan.

Ayurved is a life science, it teaches how to live and the medicines are mainly herb based so safe and effective for everyone to use.

Ayurvedic medicines can be taken safely as the mode of action varies for both, unless as advised by your doctor.

Ayurved treatment is based on treating the root cause by balancing your doshas and eliminating the disease. Though it may take some time but you won’t require lifelong medication.

No Ayurved medication is based on prakriti and your dosha, It is customized per person irrespective of age.

Know Your Prakriti